Get Your New Skin

Get Your New Skin

What if you think that your skin needs a new look, you ponder that your skin has worn out or needs a new touch. Well, that’s possible it’s called microdermabrasion Perth, it is slightly an aggressive procedure to revamp the overall skin and texture. It will remove all the aging factors that you want to hide like wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring and other skin related problems.

Your will look younger and of coarse not all the skin problems will be gone but most of them will be gone, the stubborn scars and wrinkles will go away. This treatment requires a special applicator who will remove the thicker outer layer of the skin by rubbing or by polishing to remake it. If you don’t like this method then there is another one in which your skin will be sprayed with aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate which will be sucked away to get the hard skin removed. This procedure works on almost all kinds of skin colors and types.

The treatment is non-surgical, but slightly painful. There is not much that you need to do before treatment. Now, you may want to consult to the skin specialist whether microdermabrasion is good for you or not. You should also talk about all the skin problems that you had before or still having the problems or the allergies you have or had before. In this case your doctor will be able to guide you better. Before treatment you may have to avoid direct sunlight, tanning creams or hair removers a week or so before the treatment.

Do not wear any make up or any cosmetics before the surgery as it weakens the skin. The treatment is simple, all you have to do is get an appointment and get to the doctor’s clinic on time. He will spray the particles on your body or the desired area and then sand away the outer thick skin. After that, a moisturizer will be applied on your body and the sunscreen will also be applied. After this you can go home, there is no downtime, you can continue your daily office work and will see the results very fast just after some time of surgery.

After the surgery there is one precaution that you need to take very seriously for a limited time. You have to apply the sunscreen because, when outer skin is removed, your skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight which may pass ultra violet rays from sun directly into body. Later on, you may experience possible side effects including swelling, redness of the skin a mild pain but these are all temporary and will go away after some hours. Minor bruising could occur or skin could get dry but for this case use a moisturizer and it will all go away; your skin will give a younger and newer look

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