Steps To Overcome Trauma

Steps To Overcome Trauma

Trauma may occur due to an event that seems really scary, dangerous or life threatening to you. The level of affect it has on you will depend on how you perceive the situation. Some people may take such events lightly and hence find it easier to move on while others may undergo long lasting negative effects. It depends on how much you can bear fear, what scares you i.e. what phobias you have and how much courage you have to overcome it. Here are some simple steps to overcome any sort of mental trauma you went through.

Practice emotional self-care

Your physiotherapist may have taken care of your physical injuries however your mental health is in your hands. Of course you can seek psychiatric help, but the urge for recovery and courage to go through the process should come from within you. It is common for you to suddenly feel anxious or have nightmares. In such situations, accept your emotions mindfully and take deep breaths to calm yourself. You can find solace in religious activities or meditation; anything that pleases you. If it helps, write a diary. Recognize your triggers and face them step by step. For example, if you have the fear of heights, go up one floor at a time in a building so that the slow pace will make you feel comfortable. You can engage in a hobby such as painting, poetry, music, dancing, travelling etc. Convert your negative emotions into beautiful paintings. You will definitely feel good of your effort at the end of it. Looking for a physiotherapist you can visit this page for more reliable information.

Get social support

Most people distance themselves from their friends and family at times of mental trauma. They limit their social contact to the best physio sessions talking only to the therapist and no one else. You need to tell your story to someone you trust. Do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help from your loved ones. Many people experience irritability, anger and stress due to trauma which makes it very difficult for their family to handle them. Instead, let them know how they can make you feel better. Keep them informed on what triggers you so that they keep that in mind when making plans. For example, if you are afraid of clowns, they will inform you prior to taking you for a party that will have a clown. Join a support group and meet others who have gone through the same experience as you have. You can ask them how they coped with trauma and maybe enjoy doing it together.

Treat traumatic stress

It is absolutely essential that you take your medication on time. You can consult a professional therapist who can help you in treating and overcoming traumatic stress. He will be able to give you a proper dietary plan, workout schedule etc.

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